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nerd fights

earth will be mine

new favorite artist. take notes.

running not away, but to take off and fly

brings a damn tear to my eye. i was the baddest dribbler in the whole neighborhood.

this is the most important post of this week because of basketball jones.


thoughts #1

I breathe across seas and float across lands. In my dreams the world is in my grasp, i devote myself to this purpose. I open my eyes, my thoughts are now universes.

kanye west strikes a virtually unkown blog in the webuniverse


oh fuck its mine.

enter the machine at your own risk

improve your memory today err or yesterday?

neat music medley

1. The Amayra guides of Bolivia are said to be able to keep pace with a trotting horse for a distance of 100 kilometres.

2. George Washington grew marijuana in his garden.

photo: david shrigley

got crazy style, call me wild child


view: yo kanye imma let you finish but first, im the best ever.

read: I go by the name of Mr. Melia while flying.

nsfw: Ghostface Killah – “Stapleton Sex” Video

the underground ish:

download: Pacific Division – Pac Div

mixtape: Church League of Champions

download: Koushik Beep Tape