photo credits: danilo d

download: SMOOTHERNESS </mixtape>

iTunes Playlist:Mix 11-09

Title Artist Duration
1.My People… Hold On Eddie Kendricks 5:36.065002441406
2.Dynas – D&C Chief 3:51.888000488281
3.9x’s Outta 10 DJ Quik And Kurupt 2:55.332992553711
4.Latyrx Latyrx 5:45.234008789062
5.Savvy Traveler Scarub 5:28.071014404297
6.escalade The 3rd 4:48.966003417969
7.Lights Please J. Cole 3:36.841995239258
8.Forever LuvLee Black Sheep 3:6.852996826172
9.Beautiful Monsters ft. L-Marr The Great ( Supa Dave West) Small Eyez 3:10.901992797852
10.I Declare War Pacewon 2:35.636993408203
11.Light Sleeper Saafir 3:28.32600402832
12.Gucci Herbs (YoYoni Blend) Gucci Mane vs MFDoom 3:53.716995239258
13.07- Need U (prod. Quelle) Quelle 2:5.778999328613
14.Crate Diggin’ Lootpack 2:54.602005004883
15.Sparkle Camp Lo 3:34.072998046875
16.Doin It Wrong Black Sheep Dres 3:54.630996704102
17.Duction Sha Stimuli 1:0.290000915527
18.Hang On Ft. The Astronomical Kid Sha Stimuli 4:24.697998046875
19.Like This (Prod. Black Milk) eLZhi 1:30.305000305176
20.Smootherness Jay Dee and Madlib 3:1.994995117188
21.Last Needle (Single) know:juander 6:9.946014404297
22.lonely piano quasimoto 2:58.07600402832


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