artist spotlight: Raphael Saadiq

This is Raphael Saadiq. He is the motown God of our generation. Saadiq is best known for his role in the multiplatinum group Tony! Toni! Toné!. Instant Vintage, Saadiq’s first solo album provided just that: a novel take upon retro soul. Saadiq’s latest attempt has received critical acclaim and for good reason: The Way I See It was released on September 16, 2008, featuring artists Stevie Wonder, Joss Stone and Jay-Z. The album received three Grammy Nominations and was voted Best Album on iTunes of 2008.

More on Raphael Saadiq to come; this man is a musical genius and is a definite favorite of mine. Saadiq recently performed a live session with daytrotter*. The mp3s can be downloaded individually there or conveniently in a zip file here.

download: Raphael Saadiq’s Daytrotter Session

purchase: The Way I See It

*daytrotter is an incredible place to get the pulse on whats new in music, probably before the masses have jumped on board. Besides Free live sessions are hard to pass up.


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