for the lovers

video: Dam Funk – “I Wanna Thank You for Stepping Into My Life”

short film: “Foolishly Seeking True Love” – more for the lovers; great watch, funny well directed

music video: for the single lovers “Facebook Stalkin'” – for the single lovers; hillarious; viral & something to share with your favorite FB stalkie

new music: The Morning Benders “Excuses” – described as creating a “wall of sound”, the sound is rich and something not to miss. It features parts of the SF Big Echo Orchestra. A must see/listen for new indie sound.

new music: Dan Black ft. Kid Cudi “Symphonies” – fresh sound from the favorite martian of ours. Incredible video, the visuals are definitely super-par.

download: Kid Cudi “Highs & Lows” – never released oldish song from Cudi. A must listen; reminiscent to his first mixtape.


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