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i come sick, get transmitted, my lyrics like a std

download: Little Brother (Prod. by 9th Wonder) - Star

Terry Richardson is my idol

This man’s job is the greatest in the world. Why? Pirelli photo shooting in brazil with the twelve most beautiful girls in the world? Ana Beatriz, topless, playing with a fucking machette? This all just looks incredibly boring.

Needless to say, this video is not safe for work; 
or jealous girlfriends. 
Check out more from Terry's awesome life here.


I am back to spinning this classic Danny Brown “Hot Soup”. Meanwhile Brown went ahead and dropped his debut album. For free. Featuring production from Quelle, Danny!, 14kt, this is a gem. While youre at it, grab Hot Soup for some refreshing flavors that you might have missed.

Download: Danny Brown "The Hybrid" (2010)
Download: Danny Brown "Hot Soup" (2008)

tight style: straight jacket flow.

blu & ex = sleep

download: blu "herfavoritecolo(u)r" mixtape**
**top 5 best mixtapes of 09**
download: blu "untaped" mixtape*
*features some unreleased material*

just a taste

The wonderfully talented Melody Gardot

The homies will recognize this. Amazing performance.

dj day & exile

3 Track Mind

Nocando featuring Bus Driver – “Two Track Mind”

support: Nocando – “Jimmy The Lock”

view: Reflection Eternal – “In This World”

viewFashawn feat. J. Mitchell – “Life As a Shorty”