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Stop what you are doing & watch this


Mayer Hawthorne – A Long Time


Just watch in entirety. For your benefit.

fancy clowns, the madvillian’s in town

Fancy Clown – Madvillian ft. Viktor Vaughn

An all time favorite from the Madvillainy

Terry Richardson is my idol

This man’s job is the greatest in the world. Why? Pirelli photo shooting in brazil with the twelve most beautiful girls in the world? Ana Beatriz, topless, playing with a fucking machette? This all just looks incredibly boring.

Needless to say, this video is not safe for work; 
or jealous girlfriends. 
Check out more from Terry's awesome life here.

amanda blank ft. chuck (cool kids)

been a while

model: shay maria

pockets with new change

new mixtape[s] coming soon [ hip hop, soul, electronic ]

mowing the lawn

download: Diamond District – I Mean Business (yU Remix)

download: Gucci Mane VS MF Doom – Money Don’t Matter (YoYoni Blend) & Boogie